Designing Landscapes That Create Community

David Volz Design (DVD) is committed to the creative design of outstanding public spaces.  We develop landscapes, parks, sports fields, streetscapes, and special environments for those who seek recreation in wonderful natural environments and that meet the specific needs of the communities. The DVD team works to enhance the project program, we work within environmentally sound parameters while taking full advantage of the site and its surroundings. Our design philosophy includes careful consideration for realistic maintenance requirements, construction cost parameters, and we understand the importance of protecting the environment, protecting our resources, and the health of future generations.

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David Volz


Gary Vasquez

Director of Design

Eric Sterling

Senior Landscape Architect

Kevin Volz

Director of GIS

Jamie Graham

Executive Manager

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Allie Stafford.jpeg

Paul Cassar

Project Manager

Luis Pedraza

Project Designer

Angela Lee

Project Designer

Allie Stafford

Administrative Assistant