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DVD leverages GIS to visualize and understand spatial data. We create maps and analyze data to understand patterns and relationships. The benefits include improved communication and efficiency as well as better management and decision-making.


Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Mapping Services

  • Visualize and understand your data spatially

  • Interactively explore and analyze maps and data

Data Capture and Conversion

  • Harvest data from physical maps

  • CAD-GIS integration

Asset Management

  • Field data collection and reconciliation

  • Maintenance programs

Database Management Support

  • Geodatabase design best-practices

  • Data conversion, enhancement, QA/QC

  • Extract Transform Load (ETL)

Consulting & Custom GIS Solutions

  • Transportation, Utilities, Logistics, Public Safety, routing and response, wayfinding, Enterprise GIS, Web and Mobile applications, government agencies, training

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